8 Steps to a Beautiful Home Exterior

Exterior painting services

The Estimate

Once we walkThrureceive your inquiry for an estimate, we will call you in a timely fashion to set a mutually convenient day & time for a visit.  On this visit we will do a thorough inspection of your home noting any carpentry repairs and notes on  particular products to use on your home.  Prior to leaving, we will point out noted repairs and explain how the carpentry is done.   You will receive via e-mail a detailed estimate with all work as described, payment terms & warranty information.  During this time we will also offer to coordinate with other contractors who may also be doing work on your home.

                                                                    Pick The Colors

Choosing the right color is important and we make the process simple.  Staying with the same color scheme is relatively easy.  Choosing a new color scheme can be overwhelming.Exterior Painting Services colorPick  We provide many color assistance options for your convenience.

  • We provide a free consult with a professional decorator.
  • If you like a color scheme on another house, we can help get those colors.
  • If  you prefer to select your own color scheme, you can upload your home photo or use one of the homes on the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.

We will apply complimentary color samples for every project so you can see the actual colors and how they look on your home.  Seeing the colors on your home will ensure you are happy with the colors before any paint is purchased.

Finally, many neighborhood HOA management companies will require a formal request prior to painting your home.   We will assist with submitting the required documentation to your HOA to ensure the project is moving forward.

Schedule the Work

Exterior Painting Services Dennis in officeExterior painting is highly dependent on Mother Nature.  Temperature and precipitation play a key role in determining when outside work should be done.  A tentative start date to begin repairs, pressure washing and
painting is set upon receipt of the signed contract.  This date is somewhat variable and as we get closer, we have a better idea of how weather has impacted projects leading up to your start date.  At this stage we will also ask for confirmation on the paint colors via e-mail or by signing a color release form.

                                                                 Carpentry Repairs

Replacing rotten wood the correct way ensures you will do this once and only once.  There are several companies who manufacture composite, no rot, material. We believe using this material is the key to doing Exterior Painting Services deckcarpentry repairs the right way. We will also recommend the repair that will deter the same issue from recurring   Cheap repairs are temporary and generally not aesthetically pleasing.  We will gladly walk through and explain the repairs listed on your detailed estimate at your convenience.  We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you will be given solutions to wood rot issues and not short term fixes.


Preliminary Walk Through

During this stage of the process we will discuss the timeline of the project.  This includes discussing any special needs for automobile access, time limits on arrival/departure, neighborhood signage restrictions, door/window locking/unlocking and any codes or keys we may need for access.  We will review color/stain placement with you and make a note of any special conditions on your property.

Pressure Washing 

The purpose of pressure washing is to rinse away chalky residue, remove dust, pollen, algae and mildew and loosen/remove any loose and peeling paint.  This is a required step to honor any product and Exterior Painting Services pressure washingcontractor warranty.  To pressure wash we use a diluted bleach solution and mild pressure.  The bleach is plant friendly and does not damage foliage. However, if you have sensitive foliage around your property, we can also use more environmentally friendly products.  If the pressure washer happens to miss something or could not reach something we will hand wipe these surfaces to ensure good product adhesion.  Pets should be secured during the day of pressure washing and objects must be removed from decks, patios and porches.  Nobody needs to be home for pressure washing however, we will need access to the back yard and a water source.

 Prep and Paint

We protect your property and also adjacent areas as well, even if it means covering the entire side of your neighbor’s home (pictured) to eliminate any risk to their property.  We will cover necessary areas with dropExterior Painting Services prep Work cloths and tape off any accessories located on your home.  Our meticulous prep involves scraping, sanding and priming any bare wood to limit future peeling.  Some caulking products take longer to dry and consequently should not be painted the same day.  We use one such product, a highly elastic, 60-year, super premium caulk which will reduce failure rates and maintains your exterior trim.  We offer better and best options for your paint project allowing us to offer extended warranties on the project.  Good preparation is the key factor that ensures a beautiful paint job looks great for years to come.

The Final walk through

The project isn’t complete until you say it’s complete.  We will schedule the final walk through with you and the crew present to handle any minor touch ups.  We will review the warranty Exterior Painting Services walk Thruwith you and final payment is made once this simple process is finished and you are completely satisfied.